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1 July 2022


  • Sandpack React: support add file method #512.


  • Global-listeners on React package: doesn't unsubscribe all listeners on unsubscribe only one #516;

  • Sandpack client: make template prop type-safe #504;

  • Sandpack React: make sure the Sandpack context reacts to prop changes and recreate all states #498;

  • Code-editor: improve the integration between the inline-error option and Codemirror #495;

  • File-explorer: adds a property to not show hidden files #488;

  • Theme: set color-scheme CSS property in theme context #491.


  • Improve docs: update Nextjs example to use the latest API #515;

  • Improve docs: make some common types public #494;

  • Read-only and editor-state: improve the tests coverage #511;

  • Chore: remove renderHiddenIframe which is no longer used #510.