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14 October 2022

Hey everyone 👋

Hope y’all had a great start to Spooktober 🎃 This time we are very excited to share our latest release. We are happy to present our new and unified Dashboard experience which was released a week ago. Check out the release blog post to learn more about it.

But let’s share some of the highlights.


A new unified way to see Repositories and Sandboxes all in one place.

  • Projects are now called Repositories and are integrated into the sidebar

  • The general UI of the Dashboard was updated, with a sidebar clean-up

  • You can now import repositories and create sandboxes all from one UI

And since last week's release, we added support to:

  • Remove imported repositories from your dashboard

  • Remove sandboxes and branches

Cloud Sandboxes

You can now use our brand-new Cloud Sandboxes. Instead of relying on the browser, these are powered by our unique Micro VMs, giving you native access to all SSR libraries and frameworks.

Try them out using our new Cloud templates (we are adding new ones regularly)!

Updated Pricing Page

We have also updated our pricing page to give everyone a better overview of the plans and resources available, especially with Repositories and Cloud Sandboxes. For current users, these changes will only take effect after November 14th.

As always, we also improved the experience across the board for all our clients.

Have a great weekend, and till next time.

Your CodeSandbox Team