CodeSandbox Projects iOS App
27 June 2022

This week we released a lot of new iOS stuff so let's start with that right away:

  • iOS

    • Filesystem saw many improvements and now supports drag & drop of files and directories to move them around as needed. See it in Action here on Twitter.

    • Binary files can be uploaded with ease (and drag & drop)

    • Updated copy change around "forking" branches

    • Fixed crash compiling React Native apps with an entry point different than index.jsx.

  • Repositories

    • We now support renames

    • You can now change default branches

  • Editor

    • There's now PHP, Lua and Shell Script Syntax Highlighting

We also worked a lot on Backend stuff, from updating our Elixir version to a bunch of data migrations on some tables for the next big thing we are cooking up. Hope to share more about it soon.

See yall next week.